These are projects that I took on as a responsibility but, mostly founded myself to make a business out of. 

With many years of being self taught, learning from mistakes and learning from others. I can create a strong brand image that represents all the elements that make that brand unique or at least one that delivers great quality content. 

I always strive to deliver the best content possible. 

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Screaming Is Serious Business 
Podcasting, Film & TV, Pop Culture, Music & More. 

2020 - Present

Podcast between myself and my co-host/co-founder Jasper Akerman 


Dr.Uche & The Cosmetic Eye Clinic 
Building Healthcare professional brands and advertisement for the Cosmetic Eye Clinic, services with Harvey Nichols. 


I worked on Dr.Uche's Video production and worked on building the foundation of his personal brand  and work brand from the ground up. 


Exploring the human aspects of technology

2016 - 2019

With my deep passion for discussions on technology and trying new tech out. I founded Technmanity to create a journalist website. 

The niche was to cover tech that affects our humanity.

Scene More Films
Film & Tv show reviews & Discussions. 


With my love for film, tv and pop culture.

I founded Scene more films to start creating a hosting place for discussions, reviews between employees of Scene More Films and guests. 


Product Showcases, Discussions & Vlogs

2014 - 2017

My early stages of filming about technology, unboxing from many brands and partnerships with big known brands of today such as, Spigen & Anker. 

HTECH became the place known for everything that interested me on a personal and professional level. 

*Due to leaving google's services my work on HTECH isn't visible on YouTube.

However some videos can still be viewed on this site.