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I have for many years learnt to build my own personal brand. Let me help build yours. 

I have mainly worked with private healthcare professionals, in building their online presence and have been helping them building their private practises for over 3 years.  

Whether you work in healthcare yourself or not, I am looking to work with whoever needs assistance. 

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The Face Behind The Clinic.

Introductory video for the London Skin & Face Clinic by Dr.Etok. 

You can find his work over on his instagram page.

"Dr Richard Etok has been perfecting his craft in aesthetic enhancement, Facial Reshaping and Bio-Remodeling using dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections such as botulinum toxin and micro-needling for over 16 years. He uses an extensive range of minimally invasive techniques to achieve refreshed and natural looking results. Renowned for his subtle holistic approach, Dr Richard’s passion for simple, yet highly effective non-surgical procedures has earned clients’ trust and respect in a City where aesthetic standards are high" -

The Face Behind The Clinic - Trailer 

A trailer to promote what you are going to be releasing in the future can be powerful way to create excitement around your brand and what you offer. Make your potential customer feel that they need your product or that they cant wait to try out your service.

60 Seconds with Dr.Uche collection

Dr. Uche provides skin care techniques and advice to his audience in a 60 second video series. 

I produced this series at South East London, Deptford, Photography 101 studio. 

The Wealthy Medic Masterclass

One of the biggest projects I've done within my portfolio of work is this masterclass.  

Blood, sweat, tears and very short deadline went into this. 

240 hours of work, 9 episodes + extras, 180 mins of video content from DR.Uche himself and experts. 

The animations help emphasise what is being taught throughout the class.

Dr.Uche Wealthy medics Masterclass

Cosmetic Eye Clinic

As well as working on Dr.Uche's personal brand, I also created video content for his job working on products that he sold through Harvey Nichols, as well as he's treatments through Medispa.

Cosmetic Eye clinic

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