One of the categories of filming that I feel has substantial meaning and help to those who view it, is working with charities. 

Not only are you delivering quality content to that charity to share with their audience but, you are helping make a difference for themselves to be known for what they offer.

Whether thats creating contenting for charities who specialise in helping those who have issues for mental health, medical reasoning, physical health or to a charity trying to make an impactful difference.

The end result is extremely fulfilling 

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ABS - A Foundation Of Support: 170 years in 170 seconds. 

Marking the 170th annivaery of the Architechs Benvoelent Society. 

It's been a privilege, especially at an early stage of my videography career to have filmed Jane Duncan from the Royal Institute of British Architecture & President of ABS, as well as the Duke of Gloucester!

ABS - A Foundation Of Support: 170 years in 170 seconds Trailer.

ABS - Foundation of support campaign that covers, mental health and wellbeing, housing, money and debt, Employment, Physical Health & Disability. 

These series of promo motion graphics videos and wellness zoom calls, 
help illustrate what ABS provides within the architectural community.  

ABS: Wellness Mini Series

ABS Ambassador Meetup 2020

ABS ambassadors gather for one day a year to discuss how they can campaign their charitable business, as well as raise more money and awareness.