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About Me.

Hi, my name is Harry, also known as Plastered Lips. 

You're probably here because you want someone to film and edit unique video content for you or your business. 

Working with me, a video content creator of 4 years, will give your content the vintage edge and minimalist aesthetic you deserve. 


Why vintage and minimalist? ​

Vintage style can often feel timeless. We see vintage art styles coming back in many ways into the modern world and many movies today still use film.

Minimalism helps complement that vintage style by focusing on the story (your story). A minimalist approach can help convey the film's message before shooting. 

Knowing what the story is about, the equipment, props, and models, needed can help make the overall production feel and look clean.


If you want a clean and unique style, I can help. 

Get in touch today. 

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